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History of My Characters
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Sniper Corps

Sniper was my very first character on Guild Wars. He Started out humble and i expiermented on him with a bunch of different builds. He was a R/Mo the entire game and almsot never changed unless i decided to make him a Runner or Something else as a test.
When he finally left pre-searing he was set as a Marksman ranger with Smiting skills to help. That skillset lasted nearly the entire game untill i got Barrage and changed it up. His first Runes were given to him by the brother of ZM's Leader, XXX-Sniper. He also provided the supplies for his basic armor.
He was forced to use a Pre-Searing bow for a long while until I came across a person selling a Gold Bow of little value. He was charging 1k but even that was a lot for me in my very beginings and so Sniper had very little Cash. In a Act of Generostiy he gave me the bow and Sniper was equipped for the future that faced him.
As I progressed Sniper through the game, i created a few other Characters. though none ever gained my liking as much as Sniper. Only 1 of these Characters Remain. His name is "The Emmisary" and he is a monk.
But Sniper was Not alone in his Progression. His Ever faithful pet "Steve" was always beside him. Even When Steve wasnt needed, i'd bring him along. And so Steve and Sniper Leveled along side each other.
As Sniper Got further, he learned the hard way that Too many Runes can be bad for his Health total. With that lesson learned, I Equipped myself Smarter.
Later on He finally got one of his major goals. A "Storm Bow." It Too was Donated to Sniper from Penguin God, a Fellow Guildie. It was supposedly worth 40k but i Customised it anyway, forever locking it to Sniper. He later got another bow called the "Ironwing Longbow". It being a Endgame Factions Item earned from another new character created for Factions.
Now Sniper is Fully set with the Highest Armor, the best Runes, and a Awesome Bow. But of Steve. Steve is now becoming something more Prestigous then the Melandrus Stalker he was. he is Becoming a Black Widow. And he will be the Biggest Prize of all. Even moreso then Snipers Mini-Pet "Alexander"

-This has been a Brief History of Sniper Corps, my Favorite Character and Ranger.

More Histories Coming Soon.